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Wsuper Supermarket design
  • By: onewedesign
  • Time: 2022-02-10
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W super is located on the first floor of W Hotel, Asia's largest hotel.For the high-end white-collar workers with customer base and two office buildings, we will satisfy the surrounding community residents and expand the business circle. W super combines supermarkets, catering and experiential shopping to create high-value shopping scenes for consumers. It offers a wide range of products, feels like it's sold, and multiple food stalls offer a variety of taste buds. W super is equipped with a semi-closed small meeting room that can be provided for white-collar workers to enjoy a relaxing afternoon tea with light meals.It is not only a matching of five-star hotels, but also the existence of good-looking. It also satisfies the three meals a day of the surrounding residents, and interprets the space close to life with the temperament of the elite.


W super's entire store has more than 2,000 square meters. We divide the surface into the surface, with the highly saturated orange as the main color of the ground, running through the whole field like a smart ribbon, and echoing the main color of the brand, the ceiling is The decoration of the strip lamp serves as a guide for the passage, enhances the guiding function, and uses the log as the wall decoration to neutralize the gray stone space, and the soft part is added with the green plant, which echoes the wood to increase the affinity of the space.

The use of partial bronze gold stainless steel and clear glass again increases the visual perception of space. The collision between the bright line and the calm color between the above lines and the surface completes the tone of this time.

For the purpose of benchmarking the local industry in Xi'an, the space visual effect of the landing is proudly called “the most beautiful supermarket” by the locals. In W super, you can not only shop, but also enjoy eating, drinking and having fun. w super has become a “net red punch card”, and people in the industry have also visited the local area and sent comments. As a result, our company has been greatly recognized by the partners. We have been cooperating in various aspects and have opened up the western China market.


W super invested 8 million yuan in the cost of renovation. In this project, we planned it as a combination of supermarket and market, integrating catering and traditional Chinese snacks, improving the efficiency and increasing its interest. These increase the retention time of consumers in the store.

Since its opening in August last year, it has had a turnover of 42 million in nine month and a gross profit of 12%. Its turnover has increased by 35% compared with other unmodified stores.

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