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Vacancy: Scheme Designer
Location: Shenzhen

Job description

1. To draw renderings according to the data and schematics provided by Design Director;

2. To carry out rendering design, revision and project follow-ups;

3. To cooperate with Design Director and Lead Rendering Designer to ensure completion of design work on schedule;

4. To complete renderings of office buildings, hotels, clubs, supermarkets, shopping malls and other commercial spaces.

Job Requirements
1. Possesses a college degree or higher in art design, interior design or other related majors, with more than 2 years of experience in drawing renderings of large department stores, shopping centers and supermarkets, regardless of gender;
2. Create fitting-out render drawings, able to complete rendering drawings of hotels, clubs, entertainment venues, offices, architecture and landscapes, understand the design concepts and schematics, and independently carry out rendering drawings of design schematics;
3. Being able to quickly complete precise models of more than 95% accuracy from existing plane and elevation schematics within short deadlines, to produce excellent renderings for professional review and competitive bidding;
4. Being proficient in computer rendering, familiar with all kinds of new drawing software, including AUTO, CAD, 3DMAX (VRAY), PHOTOSHOP and other associated design software; possesses master modelling skills, rendering and presentation techniques; ability to independently and efficiently complete computer renderings required by designer;
5. Hard-working, active and professional team player.

Mail address: song.hr@onewedesign.com

Tel: 0755-22902699

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