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Chengdu Gather Market Design
  • By: onewedesign
  • Time: 2022-02-10
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China is one of the ancient civilizations of the world, and the prosperity of commercial markets has a long history. For a long time,the style of Chinese supermarket design is dominated by following the style similaras western boutique supermarkets. Even use the western design in Chinese supermarket design directly. So that people come to every supermarket to have a feeling of déjà-vu. The atmosphere is short of humanity,the design is short of theme is the common problem in commercial space design of contemporary China.


In this supermarket design of “Gather Market”,WE trying to stand out from the same business environment,build a brand new, interesting business space. we want build a unique oriental market that inherits the millennium of the Chinese nation,Give design ideas to Chinese supermarket design,Create ainteresting business space,in order tostruck a responsive chord in the heartswith consumers.


In design and materials,we combination of eastern and western cultures,a spirit of tolerance like the sea,try to play to the unique ideas of this era while paying tribute to traditional culture.


We extract oriental traditional architecture - mortise-tenon connection as a decorative material,While inheriting the traditional Chinese spirit, we use modern aesthetic appeal as the standard to create space.We hope that inheritance and innovation can be perfectly integrated.

It runs through the entire space design of “Gather Market”, ceilings、 shelves、fixture and so on,they all made by mortise-tenon connection.

As a brand image, Bamboo image is not only used in the entire VI visual design, but also used in the decorative design of ceilings and floor tiles.

This project is the first commercial space in China with the theme of “New Oriental”. It covers too many cultural symbols that our Chinese are rooted in, and it has a great resonance with consumers, which has triggered the national culture in the industry. The thinking of returning, coupled with the continuous efforts of the later operation team, achieved a high value and high profit status. After Gather Market  being placed in the southwest of China in 2018, it became the benchmark of the industry. A large number of people from the same industry went to visit and study, and opened the market in southwest China for our company.

Gather Market invested 15 million yuan in the cost of renovation. In this project, we planned it as a combination of supermarket and market, integrating catering and traditional Chinese snacks, improving the efficiency and increasing its interest. These increase the retention time of consumers in the store.

Since its opening in November last year, it has had a turnover of 40 million in half a year and a gross profit of 14%. Its turnover has increased by 30% compared with other unmodified stores.

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