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W-super Supermarket Design

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Project Name:Wsuper
Project Type:Supermarket and food and beverage
Project area:2200㎡
Project Location: Xi’an  

Located on the basement floor of the largest W Hotel in Asia, WSuper targets hotel customers and high-end white-collar workers in its two office buildings, meeting the needs of the surrounding residents in the business district. By integrating supermarkets, restaurants, and experiential shopping, we are creating a fulfilling shopping experience for high-end consumer goods. WSuper boasts a variety of food stalls and even a conference room for office workers to enjoy their tea. WSuper is positioning itself as a facility for the attached 5-star hotel whilst also serving as a communal space for surrounding residents.

Much thought has been put into the design of the 2000 plus square meters of floor space in the mall, we have put much thought into the design. The whole floor is covered with an orange ribbon, echoing the main colour of the brand. We also used tube lighting to emphasize direction, contrasting with the wood panelling on the walls to conceal the concrete walls. Green plants dot the mall, bringing harmony to the space with the wood-based decorations.

While bronze is used to highlight certain areas, the majority of the mall is encased in stainless steel and clear glass, which allows more ‘space’ into the mall. This effect is accentuated with bright and calm colours, with a special focus on the contrast between flat surfaces and lines.

WSuper is called the “Hermes of Supermarkets” by the locals, with its use of visual space leading it to be an industry benchmark. Industry insiders have branded WSuper as an Insta-famous hotspot for shopping, eating, and partying. WSuper recognizes our efforts to open up the mall in Western China.

RMB 8 million was invested  in renovating WSuper, and we took great pains to improve the efficiency of the available space and maximize return customers for the supermarket and restaurant mall. Since its opening in August 2021, WSuper has generated revenues in excess of RMB 42 million and a gross profit of 12% in just 9 months, a 35% increase compared to other branches of the supermarket. 

W-super Supermarket Design
W-super Supermarket Design
W-super Supermarket Design
W-super Supermarket Design
W-super Supermarket Design
W-super Supermarket Design
W-super Supermarket Design
W-super Supermarket Design
W-super Supermarket Design
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